This Is Not A Travel Blog

My goal as a blogger is to cultivate a space where we can share ideas together and stimulate each other to think differently about concepts, both small and large. All of this in an effort to honor the infinite knowledge around us, realizing that we can all learning something from one another.

Question Of The Week V

If you were to fill in the blank below, what comes to mind? No one has felt _____________________ quite like me. My top 2 would be: Patience Trust in the plan the world has for me This doesn’t mean that other people haven’t felt these emotions either. Like snowflakes, we are all similar yet each…

The Pretentious Pretext of Practicing Presence

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrases “live in the moment,” or “just live in the now.” Easier said than done. The irony remains, the more you think about living in the moment, the less you can actually live in the moment.

Lucid Lighthouses

Inevitably, moments imprint in our memory Some life-changing moments, some ordinary moments Like streams finding the ocean They all end up in the same place The car hurtles through space To detach the city of fuzzy lights From it’s passengers In pursuit of a predetermined lighthouse The rear view mirror Reflects a dwindling spectacle of…

As One Does

Sailing west off the mainland A familiar direction  As the sunset bled into the horizon There remained a wall of protection  A blanket of darkness covered the island Peeking through the nightfall  A convergence of paths  Unveiled a change of tone The star-studded sky faded to dawn The sunrise played like a movie A reverie…