Finding Another True Love

Have you ever had something you based your whole life on taken away from you?

Finding Another True Love — Pointless Overthinking

Click the link above to read my story about struggle and strength. I aspired to write this not simply to share my story about climbing, but to open up a conversation about how we all deal with loss. Whether it be due to injury, illness, death, suffering, heartbreak, we’ve all lost something. And we’ve all made it past it or are making it past it. How have you coped with things you’ve lost? Have you ever had to give up a passion? Do you tend to hold on or move on? Thanks for reading and let me know below 🙂

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  1. Amy Helina says:

    My biggest passion is singing. I only do it for fun now, karaoke version, but I absolutely love it. Singing is my release. I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost my voice.


  2. “something you based your whole life on taken away from you”

    Should you live long enough, little by little you may lose almost *everything* you currently base your life on. The trick to avoid becoming an empty shell is to find new things to base your life on. Then those will be lost and you’ll have to find even less demanding things to base your life on.

    Some people are luckier in this respect than others while others are more persistent in the effort. How well you are living when you’re 80 is luck-of-the-draw combined with how mentally flexible you stay.

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  3. I had a sudden loss of vision last year. Instead of cross stitch I do now crochet. I can still do cross stitch but I need now more often to rest my eyes and to use a special magnifying glass.
    Instead of paper books I read more often ebooks. It is easier and gentler on my eyes.
    You loose something and gain something else.

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    1. ellieejay says:

      I’m very sorry to hear of your loss of vision, but I’m also elated that you’ve found a way to still do the things you love and keep you sane. Indeed life is very much like that, when one door closes another opens. I’m glad you are able to find the positive here 🙂 Best wishes to you! ~Elle


      1. Thanks. I am fine and enjoy life again. It could be that I will restore more and more my vision. During the lockdown everything has come on hold. But hopefully I will see the specialist in June and the doctor will confirm my improvement. I have the feeling that I am getting better. But I should not strain my eyes.

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      2. ellieejay says:

        That’s great, positive thinking and manifestation really go a long way, so I’m wishing you the best and hoping for good news in June for you! Take care and stay safe! <3E

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  4. I meant ‘You lose something”
    Sorry about the typo.


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