Omitting Our Omnipresent Oxymoron

There is an oxymoron within us all that assumes position as we determine our goals. This is when the battle between self-belief and self-doubt comes alive.

How to Stop Self-Sabotaging

This week I touched on something personal—self-sabotage. It’s omnipresent yet assailable, hard to recognize yet impossible to forget. It’s the inner voice in your head holding you back. I’ts the self doubt, it’s the brick on your imbalanced scale of emotional equanimity. You’re mentally drained, and you’re doing it to yourself. Let’s become aware, take…

Mastering Your Morning Momentum

We can’t control countless components of life, but we’d be childish to let the chunks we can change cascade through the cracks. So, where do we start? At the beginning. Mastering Your Morning Momentum — Pointless Overthinking Check out my post about mastering a morning routine which will enable you to thrive for your day, instead…

Capacity: The Key to Creativity

Walking underneath the canopy of orange trees, a tart scent of citrus engulfed me as I ambled through the pomegranate-lined streets. I peered up to see the snow capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada graciously guarding the of gem of Andalucia—Granada. I just finished my first week living in my new home in a new country, and I knew something needed to change.

I’m in love!

I meant to post this a while ago, but I didn’t feel it was perfect and never had a chance to finish it- so here we are now! I’ve always thought of myself as a very positive, optimistic person; however, I’ve realized that I can have some negative talk during the day. Recognizing this is…